Quick Review of the Aurum Codex

In their mystical slot machine Aurum Codex, Red Tiger Gaming resurrects the age-old practice of transmuting base metals into gold. Numerous would-be alchemists have tried their luck over the centuries, and now it is the turn of the gamers. The Alchemy Wilds, Wild Alchemy, and free games aid in this journey into the mystical.

Remarkably, using tried and true scientific processes, lead can be transformed into gold. There’s a catch, though, so don’t rush over to the local scrap yard just yet. The procedure is too expensive, what with the high price of the necessary particle accelerator and everything, to be worth the gold that is extracted from the ore. Like the cost of electronics, particle accelerators may one day be affordable enough to be a home staple.

Red Tiger has taken the esoteric route with the theme. There are potions, globes, books, and a glowing pentagram-like design on the floor of the area where the five reels and twenty paylines are located. The general style is quite “Picture of Dorian Grey”; it evokes the refined elegance of the late 19th century. The visuals are stunning, full of life and atmosphere. After a promising beginning, the quality of Aurum Codex gradually declines.

The music begins promisingly as well, resembling the song’s intro (the portion where the audience can sway before the head banging proceeds) by Tool or Perfect. It adds to the gameplay’s monotony and grows tiresome after a time. You can turn the music down, but then you won’t be able to hear anything.

The RTP for the Red Tiger slot machine is a whopping 95.77%, and the volatility has been turned all the way up to 11. Hits happen often enough to keep spirits up, but getting to the bonus game can be difficult if you’re having a dry spell.

The symbols are as nicely designed as the rest of the game, and are separated into high and low pays; the game may be played on any device for 10 p/c to $/€20 every spin. The 10 through Ace symbols are rendered in a gothic typeface to emphasize their metallic quality, and the high cards are based on alchemical concepts. A metallic key with a Caduceus design, some parchment, some skulls, and a scale for measuring the good stuff are the four prizes. Five of a kind pays anywhere from 5x to 15x the original wager, so the value is decent.

Functions of the Aurum Codex

Both the regular and bonus features of Aurum Codex center on wild symbols. First, there are Alchemy Wilds, which appear on reels one and five exclusively and can replace any other symbol to create a winning combination. When an Alchemy Wild appears, it stays put until the end of the current spin.

If you get two Alchemy Wilds on the same row, they’ll turn everything in between them into golden wilds. Golden Wilds replace for paying symbols and also have a value in their own right. Golden Wilds and Lines of Alchemy are worth 15 times the wager.

Keep an eye out for the scatter symbol; getting three of these on the middle reels will award you with 10 free games. A random hourglass spin occurs before the bonus is played, potentially awarding five additional free spins. It’s possible for it to spin once more, for a grand total of 20 free games. All Alchemy Wilds that appear during the bonus round will stay put for the rest of the feature, rather than only the next spin.

judgment in the Aurum Codex

Although Aurum Codex has a strong initial appeal, it quickly loses its audience. You may occasionally hear someone complain that they were unable to activate the Red Tiger slot machine’s bonus round. Buyer beware, as the Aurum Codex proved difficult to decipher. It wasn’t that awful to wait at first. As a result of certain recent successes, which were aided by the presence of wild features, morale was high. The setting felt like a luxurious place to spin, and the enigmatic atmosphere was very intriguing.

What felt like an eternity of spins later, without a hint of the bonus game, Aurum Codex started to wane. The soundtrack, which has a promising beginning but quickly becomes repetitive and wearisome, is a fitting description for the game itself. Eventually, Aurum Codex will have you so hypnotized that you’ll stop caring about anything but activating the bonus round.

But as you crack open the free spins, things change. Aurum Codex is not an exception to the general usefulness of sticky wilds. Although the maximum payout is 4,131 times the initial wager, this slot machine is not known for its high payouts.

Like previous Red Tiger products, the pros and downsides of playing Aurum Codex, a professionally produced slot, do exist. Specifically, excellent visuals and a wealth of visual complexity, but a lack of substance in other areas. When the wilds are doing their thing, the gameplay is entertaining for a time, but it quickly becomes monotonous. Free spins feel like medieval alchemy when the game isn’t in the mood, but the bonus game is fine otherwise.






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